Nilodnam Testers wanted

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Nilodnam Testers wanted

Post by J'Kla » Sun Apr 15, 2018 11:16 am

I am looking for testers of my Nilodnam age this is the gallery age.

Now the zip is just over 22 meg too big for attachment.

Contact me by PM and give me an e-mail and I will send the zip file extract this to the dat folder of your Destiny install you need to use the plasma console to get to the age.

I will send more detail with the zip.

I also have Abmortoxas ready for some testing this is at an earlier stage and is nearly 36 meg this is the reworking of Enobmort and contains the Walker story embedded in game journals.

I was having issues with Nilodnam till I removes a number of textures the age has over 100 screen shots from fan ages. I could not get this to run till I reduced the mage count.

Yet Abmortoxas a far bigger age loads without issue I am going to add bits to Nilodnam till I find the boundary and will probably break the age into multiple pages this could be the issue as Abmortoxas has multiple pages.

Either way I need testers so I can get this explored.

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