is their any new program that can add realmyst ages to uru?

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is their any new program that can add realmyst ages to uru?

Post by robssbcglobal » Tue Feb 26, 2013 7:14 am

I know drizzle30 can import myst V ages and moul into uru offline game, I was wondering if theirs any projects on the web that could do the same for realmyst ages, I remember reading that it used a old uru engine, and the map formats, was a little different, I think the person that did drizzle gave up on importing realmyst ages, which would of been cool if you could link to the old myst ages from within uru but I don't no if that will never happen, I kind of liked the Myst V age of Myst island but since it was all broken down age, with rain effect I didn't really like it much,

like some of the uru ages you have different versions of the same age which look different like the path of the shell had one age which had different versions, I been wondering is their a sdl setting for Myst V Myst Island version age, that may have a different look to it, than default look of it, after importing in from drizzle into uru, is it possible to use plasma editor and edit the offline uru sdl age file of myst V Island to make it look more restored like the age from Realmyst, its too bad we never got to see what happened to the other ages of myst from myst V what happen to them in looks during the Myst V game years etc.. like the boat, and other ages, like how did they age over time is what I mean, in game it would of been at least cool too is that, I hope sometime in the future uru online gets a restored age of myst island not just that small area in which it lets you link into too, like the offline game, it didn't give you much of the myst island too check out but that may not happen, what you think of uru job making myst island in uru, it lacks a lot which is what I think of it

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Re: is their any new program that can add realmyst ages to

Post by Mystler » Tue Feb 26, 2013 10:21 am

Converting the realMyst ages for the current Plasma format has been tried many times but I don't know of any successes since the realMyst engine is much older.

People are still trying to convert the Myst V ages and the results are much better. I wonder what will come out of that.

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