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able to link to cityofdimensions.age instead of just city

Posted: Sun Feb 24, 2013 1:53 am
by robssbcglobal
for the pod ages and other access from toc moul was able to use /link cityofdimensions.age to bypass the blocks in normal city age, of course that's a temp fix for that
or I should call the city age unfinished since it has always to me look like they didn't really finish that age, too many area which seem like you should of been able to go to which you never really did when uru online or uru offline stopped getting updates to the games ages

which includes that one city age, which uru online never finish and which you can access by using drizzle30 in uru online when importing moula or uru online into the offline game, which is also nice to import Myst V into uru too but the myst age, is very dark compared to realmyst age, which you can't import into uru, I wish I could... do that.

Re: able to link to cityofdimensions.age instead of just cit

Posted: Sun Feb 24, 2013 8:49 pm
by Mystler
The City of Dimensions from the TOC should be playable on Destiny too. However, you will need to copy the cityofdimensions files from the TOC/dat folder as well as the TOC moul-scripts (Python, SDL). That should allow you to link there with /cod but there is no public CoD instance (yet) and therefore no link in the Nexus.