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Localization Editor

Posted: Thu Mar 01, 2018 7:54 pm
by J'Kla
I am at the point in my age migration of ages I am at a stage where I am about to add journals.

Journals require .loc files.

I am told there is a tool called the "Localization Editor" apparently built in and this is apparently something to do with generating text files.

Does Destiny have this?

Apparently these can be edited with "Plasma Shop" but it is not an easy route.

Re: Localization Editor

Posted: Fri Mar 02, 2018 3:01 pm
by Mystler
Loc files are XML-like files. Technically, you don't need any tool to edit them. The Localization Editor is an extra little application that can be used to create and maintain localization files as well. It is part of the URU client source code, but I don't have a precompiled version of it ready for you atm.

Re: Localization Editor

Posted: Sat Mar 03, 2018 10:12 am
by J'Kla
No problem Mystler I did it the old fashioned way with hacking experimenting and a text editor :D

Deledrius is working on a version for me but I now have a working template and my memory of XML from Uni helped.

BTW Thank you again for all of Destiny it has been invaluable in migrating my Ages I now nearly have everything I need all that's left is some hot spot buttons to activate some opening doors and intra-age linking then the age will be ready for open testing. ;)