What is DestinyURU?

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What is DestinyURU?

Post by Mystler » Fri Feb 01, 2013 1:03 pm

What is DestinyURU?
The Destiny shard is an experimental URU testing shard for developers. You can use your own client with your own game files to test fixes, mods and more. Thus, you don't have to setup your own server if you just want to run a simple test or play with some features. Experimenting is not unwelcome, but appreciated. Destiny is running on the Dirtsand server code (link) which is developed by zrax and others from the GoW/H'uru-Team.
If you want to test your own fan age or something else that requires server-side changes, feel free to open a thread in the Suggestions forum. Besides, Christopher already volunteered to write some guides or help with other problems.

What does "Experimental" mean?
Destiny is in a kind of beta. Depending on the amount of players and the stability of the server, I might have to shut down or limit the project again. However, the purpose of the shard is to give developers (from newbie to veteran) a possibility to play with much more freedom to experiment.
In case of a server crash, a restarter script should restart the server hourly. (I might reduce the timespan in the future.)

Why you should NOT play on Destiny:
Since Destiny is a testing shard that might break from time to time or have some bugs and you have to compile your own client, it is definitely the wrong shard for players who want to explore the ages and complete the game storyline.
Before registering for Destiny consider the following points:
  • You want to explore the ages of Myst Online with friends and other people, solve puzzles and meet people in the city? Play MOULagain! (link)
  • You want to explore the ages of Myst Online with the newest client containing many fixes, improvements and additions? Visit the Gehn Shard! (link)
  • You want to explore the ages of Myst Online and check out some cool modifications and additions made by fans? Visit the TOC Shard! (link)
How to play on Destiny:
Destiny does NOT have an official client. You will have to compile it on your own or get a precompiled one. The client will need to fullfill the following specifications:
  • Destiny only supports clients based on the GoW/H'uru GitHub fork (link).
  • The product information (e.g. the BuildID etc.) has to match the latest defaults (as in the H'uru/master CMake defaults).
  • Destiny does not have a dataserver which means you will have to launch the game with "-LocalData". This might require you to build an internal client.
In order to play the game you will also need the following files for your client: You should be able to use any set of data and Python files. Copying the MOULa dat folder and the Python scripts from the H'uru/moul-scritps repo might be a good start, though.

Thanks to some help from Hoikas, the accounts for the Destiny Dirtsand server are linked to the forum accounts. You should be able to login with the same username/password combination you are using for the forums. Please be aware that new registrations will have to be confirmed by an admin. This might take some time.

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